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About HHF
Vision, Mission and Action

The Hayes Foundation was founded on June 15, 2002 by Kyra Oliver and her friends and family in honor of her 4½-month-old son, who died of SIDS on June 11, 2002. The Foundation works to create programs and award grants for SIDS research, support services and public awareness. For more information about the Hayes Foundation, call 804.708.0033.

The vision of the Hayes Foundation is to contribute to a future in which no one experiences the loss of a baby to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The mission of the Hayes Foundation is to provide community programs and to select and support organizations that provide services toward the prevention of and education about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

We believe we can best fulfill our vision and accomplish our mission by the following actions:

  • Identify worthy organizations and institutions that:
    1) provides research about the cause of SIDS and methods of its prevention
    2) provide clinical services which assist pediatricians in the medical
        management of infants who are at risk of SIDS
    3) provide education about the prevention of SIDS aimed at the public, the
       medical community, parents and caregivers
    4)provide family support for crisis phone counseling, grief literature
       and counseling referrals
  • Make grant contributions to the above organizations to assist in furthering their goals, thus meeting the goals of the Hayes Foundation.
  • Participate in and create Community Outreach Programs that educate the public about the causes and prevention of SIDS

Following these guidelines may help reduce the risk of SIDS:

  • Place your baby on the back to sleep at night and naptime
  • Use a firm mattress in a safety-approved crib
  • Eliminate fluffy, loose bedding from your baby's sleep area
  • Keep your baby's face clear of coverings
  • Be careful not to overheat your baby
  • Breastfeed if possible
  • Don't allow anyone to smoke around your baby
  • Consider offering your baby a pacifier at naptime and bed time for the first year (but not for the first month for breastfed babies)
  • Do not allow your baby to sleep in an adult bed
  • Consider using a fan in the baby’s room for air circulation
  • Tell anyone that may keep your baby about This Side UP
Disclaimer:  The Hayes Foundation is a part of the CJ Foundation for SIDS. All information contained in the Hayes Foundation (HF) Web Site is intended for informational purposes only. HF does not endorse any specific treatment or strategies. HF strongly recommends the consultation of a physician to assess individual conditions and needs.
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