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"It's overwhelming to think about how small we were when we started and now have the opportunity to partner with the CJ Foundation. I'm honored the Hayes Foundation is joining such an impactful organization."

This Side Up This Side Up Campaign is now in California, Tennessee, Virginia, Texas, Alaska and Florida! Become a part of saving babies in your community.
Call us at 804.708.0033.
Richmond Magazine Kyra Oliver and her young friend, Winifred Van Deusen, demonstrate safe sleeping for babies. We are being featured in the October issue of V Magazine.>>.
Of all the things that can
threaten an infant’s life,
SIDS is probably the most
confounding. It’s still a
medical mystery as to what
exactly causes SIDS
infants to stop breathing.
Richmond Magazine

The Hayes Foundation is Now
Part of The CJ Foundation

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The Hayes Foundation strives to support the awareness of SIDS through partnerships with local, regional and national organizations to educate parents, siblings, grandparents, caregivers or anyone who cares for an infant about the foundation’s This Side Up campaign.

The This Side Up campaign (www.thissideupcampaign.org) is an educational effort launched in 2006 that seeks to remind anyone who looks after a baby that babies are at less of a risk for SIDS if put to sleep on their backs for nap  or bed time. It does so by partnering with hospitals and other health organizations to distribute educational onesies and baby T-shirts with the phrase “This Side Up… While Sleeping” on the front and tips to reduce the risk of SIDS on the back.

Disclaimer:  The Hayes Foundation is a part of the CJ Foundation for SIDS. All information contained in the Hayes Foundation (HF) Web Site is intended for informational purposes only. HF does not endorse any specific treatment or strategies. HF strongly recommends the consultation of a physician to assess individual conditions and needs.